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Kessler Spindle Repair Services
  •   Grinding machine for spindle cone regrinding.
  •  Induction bearing heaters.
  •  Hydraulic press.
  •  Chiller unit.
  •  Hydraulic power pack.
  •  Special tools for assembly & disassembly of spindle/motor.
  •  Test Arbors, Power Check and other instruments/gauges.
  •  UTE kit for alignment of encoder.
  •  Vibration & balancing analyzer – Smart Balancer.
  •  Tesa Height Gauge.
  •  Different types of gauges to check all types of spindles cone like., SK40, BT40, SK30, HSK63, HSK100 etc.,
Kessler Spindle Repair Services
Weiss spindle repair
Weiss spindle repair service